With our professionnal ARSKAN SiloData platform you can : visualize, exploit and store your 3D objects.

Work collaboratively in real time, from any devices, anywhere, everywhere.

Our trial version : store up to nine objects for free. Visualize and manipulate them, make them interactive and work collaboratively, in real time, from any devices (PC, tablet, computer).


  1. First connexion
  2. Upload a 3D file
  3. Discover the main tools

1. First connexion

Summary : create your account and a silo. A silo is a private folder in which you can upload ans store a 3D object.

In a few clics, create your account. An email will be automatically send to set your password.

To set up your password

  • 8 to 20 characters
  • At least one special character
  • At least one capital 
  • At least one number
In your profil, you can choose the langage (french or english)
Create your first silo. A silo is a private folder in which you can upload ans store a 3D object. Click on the blue button on the left.
In the silo « demo », you’ll find 3D objects. They can be used as example.
Name your silo and file the description. A silo can be shared with other users.
Invite them by sending an email. Manage users rights.

2. Upload a 3D files

Click on the blue button to upload a 3D file. We accept .obj and .gltf.
Free trial version : 100 Mo max/object.
You can name and describe it.
Share your 3D file with the share link. You can activate and deactivate it easily.

3. Tools

The first two tools help you visualize the meshes details.
Translator manipulator : move the selected element.
Rotation manipulator : for the rotation of the selected element.
Resize the selected element.
Interactive pointers : information window.
First, select the pointer tool and then, double click on your object to create the pointer.
Add photo, url (video and any Google Drive documents), text.