[Tuto] Measuring 3D Models

In this tutorial, I’ll explain everything you need to know about how to measure your 3D file in ARSKAN SiloData.

The platform ARSKAN SiloData allows you to measure 3D files in these supported format : .obj, .obj ZIP, .GLTF.

We’ll start with the 3D model bellow: I’d like to know the width of the pit.

3D model of a pit.

Measure a 3D model

measure your 3D model
Unit: ARSKAN uses a linear metering tool.

First, connect to ARSKAN SiloData.

Into a silo, select your 3D model. If you have issue with connexion, find your object or upload one, please refer to this preview tutorial: https://actu.arskan.com/tuto-by-arskan-get-started-with-arskan-silodata

On the menu, select Measures. Click on it.

Fig.1: menu

The toolbar appears on the left, with a meter icon. Click on it. When selected, it appears in red (Fig.2).

Fig.2: toolbar

Once the meter icon selected, you just have to double-click on your 3D model to set the start point. Then, double-click again to create the second point: you get the distance between these two positions.

In this video, you’ll see how easy it is to shift the points and to measure your 3D model.

Shift your location: hold the point, and move wherever you want. You’ll see in real time the new measure.

Save: your points would be automatically saved at the last position you had chosen. Return on the others menus, work on your 3D model, ad pointers… Then go back to Measures: your points are still in the same position.

To erase your measure, close your model and then, go back to it.